Manifattura Guarnizioni COLOMBO & C. SPA was founded in Milan in 1911 by Mr. Rinaldo Colombo, although actually, the activity began in 1906 in the Italian branch of the famous Burgmann Company, still regarded today as a global leading brand in the production of mechanical seals.

In the same year of its foundation, COLOMBO participated in the first Italian industrial fair, which took place in Turin on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the unification of Italy.

The enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurial activity in the field of mechanical engineering led to the creation of a successful company, which, in the wake of its founder’s imprint, established itself as an excellent representation of “Made in Italy”.

Even today, as generations succeeded at the helm of the company, the entrepreneurial spirit remains intact, and with it the commitment to research, innovation and experimentation, and to continue on the path of development of a company that has always shown great respect for the environment and the community.

In 1994 Manifattura Guarnizioni COLOMBO E C. SPA was taken over by a group of managers already involved in the field of industrial gaskets, who were able to give new momentum and a revived energy to the historical team.


COLOMBO is able to offer the best support to the global market in the design and implementation of efficient sealing solutions.

The considerable resources invested in new technologies to modernize and update machinery and production facilities, and in the training of technical and commercial personnel on personal safety systems and environmental protection issues are the strong points through which the company
can provide reliable and timely responses. In fact, we firmly believe that only through a continuing development and research program in every aspect of the business are we able to meet the most complex requirements.

Thanks to this corporate policy, COLOMBO has been able to employ a complex and diverse chain of production processes, most of which must be performed by hand, in order to obtain products that embody the essence and pride of “Made in Italy”